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We at Advanced Foot Care Center strive to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements.  To that end, we have introduced a new system available to determine if a person has either artery or vein problems within their lower legs.  The test is administed in our office and takes only about 20 minutes.  The results are available within 5 days.  Those results are reported directly to you by either Dr. Megara or Dr. McDermott.  Vascular Access Center, the people who interpret the test, may also contact you as well about the results of the study and the potential, if needed, for further intervention.  These studies accurately assess the reasons behind swelling, pain, cramping, or ulcers in the lower legs.  If you think you might have any of these symptoms, then you should consider calling our office to have either or both of the vascular studies completed to help us figure out how to help you the best!  Please see the Forms Tab at the top of our web page to direct you to the appropriate questionnaire to determine which test best suits your needs.


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