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I wanted to take this time to discuss the under estimated importance of nutrition when it comes to wound healing.  Many people do not realize how important nutrition is when their wounds take forever to heal.  Part of the problem is that many people think that just because they eat well means they are getting adequate nutrition.  This idea is false.  Just because you eat, doesn't mean that what you are eating is going to help you heal a wound.

In general, wounds are problems related to skin missing over an area.  The skin is made up of a lot of proteins most of which are various types of collagen.  What the body needs to heal is enough proteins from the diet to make healthy collagen to close a wound.  When we eat, the body breaks down the various components of our food in the stomach.  When we eat things like red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and nuts they are broken down and deconstructed into a variety of proteins.  The body then takes these proteins and rearranges them to make collagen (amongst othe things) to heal our wounds.

Things we can do at home to help with that include eating meals that are higher in protein content rather than high in carbohydrates.  This means eating more eggs.  Also eggs are an excellent source of protein to help heal wounds too. Instead of having a handful of chips for a snack, have a hard boiled egg.  Doing this will help keep your blood sugar down and increase your ability to heal as well.  Additionally, taking a multivitamin and some extra vitamin C can always help too.

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