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Everyone these days is looking for a reason to have Botox injected into their body for some reason or another.  Well, here at Advanced Foot Care Center, you can now get your foot injected with Botox too! 

What can we use Botox for in the feet you might ask?

We are now offering Botox injections in the feet for excessive sweating and various muscle spasms.

Have you ever thought that your feet sweat too much or that because of the fact that they sweat too much your feet stink?  Has anyone ever made a comment about how much your feet sweat or stink? When you take your socks off, are they more wet or moist than you would think? Well then, Botox in the feet may be for you. 

What is Botox really and what does it do?
Botox is a shortened name for Botulinum Toxin.  Technically, it is a poison that is produced
by the bacteria Chlostridium Botulinum.  It is the key compenent to the sickness known as Botulism. 
However, in modern days and times, the toxin has been identified, purified and made medically safe
for use in certain instances.  Medicine has found that botulinum toxin works by stopping the nerves from firing
and allowing muscles to relax.  In a large dose, this can be dangerous causing the muscles of the diaphragm
to stop working.  However, in very small doses, locally injected into the skin, it has been noted to only affect the
very small muscles associated with our sweat glands.  With the injection of the Botox, it stops the muscle from
sqeezing out the little sweat droplets causing the foot to be excessively wet.  This helps cure sweaty feet. 
Additionally, the same toxin injection is used in muscles that are uncontrolably spasming leading to inability
for a person to walk.  For this reason, we can also do Botox injections into certain muscle groups of the legs
to allow for relaxation of muscle groups to gain better walking ability.  

The best part about Botox injections in the foot, is that it is usually covered by insurance companies including
Medicare.  All that is required is for you to complete a small survey and answer the questions appropriately,
and we can get you approved for 100% of your insurances coverage for the treatment.

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