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Foot Miracle Cream is what we at Advanced Foot Care Center use on our patients for various dry skin diagnoses.  We also recommend its use on a regular basis to help with continuing the care for dry skin that we've started at our office.  Treating dry skin has some very important health benefits.  By keeping the skin hydrated, the skin becomes for pliable and supple which means it doesn't tear that easy.  By keeping the skin from tearing, it reduces the rate of infections.  It also helps avoid the itching sensation tht comes with dry skin and by controlling the itching, you can control the redness.

Foot Miracle cream is available to all of our patients.  Foot Miracle cream comes in a variety of sizes.  You can get it in either 6oz or a 32oz pump.  Our Prices for these creams vary based on sale prices from our medical supplier so please call the office to find out what the going price is for the size that you.  We are glad to pass on our savings from the supplier to our customers which is why our prices is variable.

Foot Miracle Cream has been described by the manufacturer as:

This unique, deep-penetrating formula softens calloused rough areas, bringing comfort and vitality to heels and feet. Also recommended for elbows, knees and any other rough-skin area. Never sticky or greasy. Leaves skin feeling soft.

We hope you like it too!

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